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Schedule an insightful reading to communicate with your guides and loved ones, or connect with The Akashic Records for assistance. I am a conduit that facilitates the channeling experience on different levels of information by channeling through the divine matrix.

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Reignite Your Divine Essence

About Me

I have been working with my spiritual teachers from a young age and fine tuning my abilities to connect with my spirit guides. Since then I have studied, taken many courses and have evolved on my evolutionary path as a clairvoyant facilitator. Learn More >

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What is the Akashic?

What is the Akash, and what does it mean to access it? Learn more about this and other topics on my resources page!

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Sacred Codes

The sacred numerical codes of Agesta, or magical numbers, are electromagnetic frequencies decoded in numerical patterns that move and express available energy.

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Vibro Tune Therapy

Harness the power of sound for inner and physical healing. Discover the uniquely designed Vibro Tune Table, which produces gentle frequency with based vibrations throughout the entire body in a nurturing and relaxing manner. Buy NowLearn More


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